Exploring the Peruvian Wilderness – Traveling to Machu Picchu by Train

Machu Picchu is, without a doubt, an impossibly beautiful and enchanting place. Natural scenery, rich history and adventurous travel tracks; everything about Machu Picchu is an attraction that entices tourists from everywhere. But an equally enticing thing about Machu Picchu is how you can actually get there. If air travel is your way, this is the time you need to rethink about it. Although, the nearest airport (in Cuzco) is only 78km away, you can only reach Machu Picchu by train.

Machu Picchu – Finding Your Spiritual Self in the Lost City. (https://hereandtherewithoutacare.com/travelling-to-machu-picchu-by-train/)

The Journey – Machu Picchu by Train

Being one of our favorite travel destinations, we have visited Machu Picchu four times now, and every time, we have taken the trains simply because it makes the Machu Picchu experience so much better. The natural scenery on the way is too amazing to be missed, whether it is the lush green forests, the completely rocky wilderness or the raging river. No matter how many times we use these trains to visit the Lost city of the Incas, we are always as excited about the trip as we were the first time around.

Machu Picchu – Finding Your Spiritual Self in the Lost City. (https://hereandtherewithoutacare.com/travelling-to-machu-picchu-by-train/)

Perurail – The Leading Train Company to Machu Picchu

It is not just the scenery though that makes these train trips so amazing; the trains themselves are luxury personified. Perurail, the leading train company offering these trips, offers you three choices about the type of train you’d like to travel in. First, there are the normal trains, Vistadome and Expedition that are comfortable, beautiful and affordable. While there won’t be any luxury bars to cater to you, the train ride is still as captivating as ever. Click on the virtual tour below to see each Perurail of train in 360º

The Hiram Bingham Train – One of the Top Luxurious Trains in the world

If you want an experience that is completely unforgettable, I suggest you travel by the Belmond Hiram Bingham train. This train is shouts out luxury at the first look you take of it, and it is complete five-star luxury. A nice and romantic dinner while surrounded by some most scenic views outside followed by an Andean music show with singing, dancing and complementary pisco sour is definitely an experience we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

The Hiram Bingham Train - One of the Top Luxurious Trains in the (https://hereandtherewithoutacare.com/travelling-to-machu-picchu-by-train/)

Company Information

Name: PeruRail

Website : www.perurail.com

E-mail: reservas@perurail.com

Disclaimer: We received complementary tickets to ride the Vistadome and Hiram Bingham Train.

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