Spa Indochine – A Relaxing haven in Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is well known for its natural and historic sites. If you are planning to indulge in some adventurous travel, sightseeing or just visiting temples, you could become tired from walking around, riding a bicycle or any other physical activity. What you need is some pampering, of course. So, let me tell you about this unique spa that is just the ticket for you to calm down and unwind in a place like no other – Spa Indochine.


What makes Spa Indochine so unique?

To put it into one sentence – It combines the unique ambiance of an authentic Lao village with the natural products used in each of their treatments.

I honestly do not think you’ll be able to find a similar spa setting anywhere else in Laos. We both went WOW when we discovered the Spa! It was designed just like a replica of a traditional Lao village. What a delightful contrast to see the blend of the French colonial charm and the traditional Lao village, all within the grounds of Hotel de la Paix.Hotel_de_la_Paix_LP_Laos_-_Restaurant_-Spa.jpg

The Spa consists of three buildings, each one a unit on its own. Quite unlike a lot of spas that have rooms that are generally side by side. Here you have the unusual privilege of having a whole building to yourself so you are assured of your privacy.

The Experience

The first person we encountered at Spa Indochine was Pookie – the Spa Manager. As soon as she saw us heading to her desk, she got up and welcomed us with a genuine smile and a Sabaidee – a traditional Laotian greeting. After offering us cold tea, she gave us a tour around the grounds. On getting to know us, she recommended a package based on our preferences. You want to know what her recommendation was? Well, it is not on the menu ha-ha, she customized a romantic package for us. I do not know if we looked like we needed help in that department, but we really appreciated her recommendation!

Our romantic massage started with a foot bath – in a mix of warm water, flowers and essential oils. After we had showered, we received their signature massage that included warm oil and some techniques to help us relax and let go of all tension. We ended the night in a bathtub surrounded by red flower petals and a couple of glasses of wine… How cool is that?


Aside from the excellent experience we had, here are a few things I noticed that were different from other high-end spas in SE Asia:

•        The masseuses asked if the volume of the music was right

•        They also asked if we were comfortable with the temperature

•       They used towels to cover our bodies. I know, this is mandatory in most western countries, but here in SE Asia, I’ve noticed that most masseurs are not uncomfortable seeing you with very few clothes on. Perhaps they may not wonder if we feel comfortable about being seen almost naked… This sort of consideration alone enhanced my whole experience.

The Staff

I do have to say, the staff at Spa Indochine are some of the nicest and funniest people I’ve ever met. These ladies are not only really good masseuses, but they also have a good sense of humor. Unusual in this industry, isn’t it? They put us at ease and you have no idea how much we laughed.

We all go to the Spa to get pampered, right? And we are used to a more formal atmosphere where the people are very respectful, but serious and instead of making you feel relaxed, you feel like you have to be on your best behavior. You know what I mean? But the spa experience here was different! That being said let me clarify what I mean – we would enter the spa through the garden, but before being led into the rooms, the girls made us feel relaxed and at home, putting us at ease by joking and making us laugh. That was so unusual! But once we entered the rooms, it was like they flipped the switch and concentrated on the treatment, talking soft and low, transporting us into a different dimension…


In Conclusion

I would definitely recommend Spa Indochine to everyone. Yes everyone! I’m always honest in my recommendations. I believe we’re all different and we all look for different experiences, but when it comes to getting pampered we’re all pretty much in the same boat. The amazing service we received from these ladies made this Spa one of a kind. Apart from it being a replica of a Lao village, they also have bathrooms similar to the ones they have en suite in the hotel. So even if you are not staying at Hotel de la Paix, this is a luxurious experience you simply shouldn’t miss.

 For more information about the Spa treatments, please visit their official website.

Hotel de la Paix Information



Treatments at the Spa Indochine start at USD 45

Disclaimer:  We received complementary treatments at Spa Indochine, but all opinions herein are my own and have not been influenced in any way by arrangements we made with Hotel de la Paix.

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