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DSC00548 newHi! We’re Carmen and Jonah – a couple that can’t seem to agree on most things in life, but luckily share a mutual passion for luxury travel and cultural discovery.

We have an immense appetite for learning about other cultures. We love the finer things in life, and yes, we are pretty down to earth. Our travels take us ‘Here and There without a care’, which is what we have called our blog. The title says it all. We love to incorporate into our lives, activities that not just interest us, but make us happy and grateful for all that we have.

Discover the world through our eyes; the blog covers accommodation reviews, travel tips, and some great photography – still and 360º. Pretty much here, there and everywhere!

More about Carmen & Jonah

I’m Carmen, originally from Peru. I’ve lived in the USA for about ten years. Jonah has always lived in the USA, born in Utah, but lived in different States since he was 16. We have been married for 8 years. Jonah has a 13-year-old son, Alex, who lives with his mom, but, like us, he loves to travel too.

Before our travels, we were like most couples – regular jobs, workaholic lifestyles. But that was great too! The projects we worked on were interesting. It is just that there never was enough time to enjoy what we loved doing – traveling.

I loved my job as a licensed banker for JP Morgan Chase. For many years, I felt like I was the luckiest person out there. Why? Because, I was getting paid to help people make better choices with their money AND also to socialize with my customers and co-workers! (Sometimes, I liked to socialize too much ha-ha). So, life wasn’t too bad for me.

We owned a couple of businesses – shipping and photography, and Jonah used to manage both. He realized photography is what made him happy and it was just what he was cut out to do. So we sold the shipping business and stuck with photography – to see Jonah’s work visit Impact Virtual Tours

Our many little travels only whet our appetite for more. We talked about it. We thought about it, a lot. And then it came to a point when we decided we had to make it all work out. With that goal in mind, we took a year and a half to prepare for a life of long-term travel.

And then we began our travels in June 2013….

What inspired us to travel?

Among the many things and people that inspired us to seriously consider long – term travel as a lifestyle, were these three books that really made a huge impact on us.

  • The 4-hour work week: Escape a 9 to 5 life, live anywhere, and join the nouveau riche.
  • The $ 100 Startup: Reinvent the way you make a living, do what you love and create a new future.
  • 80/20 Sales & Marketing: The definitive guide to working less and making more.

Our travel style

Having decided that long – term travel would be our lifestyle, we needed to have a plan. Our focus was not just luxury travel, but an exploration of the culture, a cultural discovery, if you like. So, this is how it works for us:

  • Getting involved with the locals:

This meant doing things as the locals do – get around the way they do, eat and shop the way they go about it. Being Romans in Rome! Our involvement even extends to helping people in need and working with charities. This adds a very rewarding dimension to our work.

  • Exploring the area:

Now, every place in the world has something to offer in terms of points of interest. Some are grossly overrated and some, very underrated. It is for us to find out. The best way is to carry out an exploration on our own, or get the help of a local guide. The big tour groups are not for us. They pack way too much into a small window of time, leaving one over-stimulated and yes, rather confused!

  • Call it a night in style:

Come on, who doesn’t like a bit of luxury at the end of a hectic day? We certainly do! I bet you agree with us! A nice bed, a cozy ambiance, just the ticket to recharge your batteries and turn you out for another exciting new day! Don’t you agree?

How do we finance our long-term travels?

I am sure that at least half of you are really curious to know how we finance our travel, given that it IS long-term travel AND we have given up our jobs. Here is what we do:

One of our sources of income is from our comfortable vacation rental/villa and our long-term rental located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are fortunate to be able to rent these two places out consistently all through the year. Since we travel, we have some amazing people there who handle the renting out of both properties.

Now, I mentioned that Jonah loves photography. So, that is our second source of income. Jonah is a professional photographer and specializes in 360º panoramas of hotels and resorts, and I do the staging and decorating for these places.

It’s a win-win situation – we get paid for the photography project and get a complementary stay for the duration of the work.

Want to know more about us? Do post your comments and questions in the box below. We will reply as soon as possible.

Carmen Anderson
Hi! I'm Carmen and I'm obsessed with boutique hotels, scuba diving and yoga. When I'm not writing about my travel experiences, I hang out on social media....a little, oh, alright, a LOT! Connect with me if you like traveling, yoga or scuba diving.

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  1. Hi Carmen and Jonah!! I have found your blog on Instagram, I guess we are following each other 🙂 I came to stop by and check out your blog, which is amazing… I love the photos!!
    You both have such a great story, having a blog is just perfect! So I wish you both lots of travels and hope we can keep in touch 😀 Best, Allane.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I just checked your blog and I love your content. it looks like we have similar travel preferences such as diving!

      I just followed you on Facebook, too. I can’t wait to learn more about you and your travel style.

      Carmen & Jonah

  2. Hi Carmen & Jonah – Oh this story sounds familiar. I packed up my home & corporate life and have been traveling long-term and slowly making into my lifestyle along with other ventures. Looking forward to your hotel reviews & travels! Teri

    • Hi Teri,

      It’s so nice to see your comment. We haven’t met many people that share a similar story than us. Most of our friends & family thought we were crazy to leave our comfortable life to travel the world.
      Where are you now? We’re in Mexico at the moment and plan on visiting Belize and Guatemala soon. It would be nice to meet you, if you’re around these countries.
      Stay in touch,

  3. Linda says:

    Hello. I found your blog completely by accident as we are travelling to Belize (from the cold boring UK) very soon. We love travel and doing our own thing / escaping from the rat race too – I am starting an online shop – http://www.myherbarium.co.uk so we can travel more. Love your comments and the places you have been. If you can, go to Sri Lanka if you have not been there already – the people are amazing – and it is so beautiful it is untrue! Costa Rica is also wonderful – such a huge world and so little time… I look forward to reading more blog xxx Linda xxx

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