Belize – 10 Irresistibly Unusual Luxury and Boutique Hotels

With its wonderful weather and  environment – Belize is the perfect alternative to the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America, a fact that enhances its appeal as a vacation destination. Of course, there is always the dilemma one faces in choosing a place to stay in. Belize has both jungle and beach, boutique and luxury hotels abound in both. Check out these10 captivating luxury and boutique hotels throughout Belize:

1. The Lodge at Chaa Creek, San Ignacio

Set on 365 acres of a private nature reserve, in the heart of the Mayan civilization, is The Lodge at Chaa Creek. Here is an award winning Belizean eco-lodge – beautiful and wildly civilized. What began as a small family establishment evolved into an unforgettable jungle stay. You can take advantage of the activities offered, horseback riding and canoeing, among others, to take in the breathtaking environs. Round it off with a relaxing massage! There are 23 suites to choose from with varying views of the garden, orchard, river or tree tops.

Room rates start at USD 365.

Boutique Hotel in Belize

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, San Ignacio


2.- Ka’ana Boutique Resort, San Ignacio, Cayo

This is not just a romantic getaway, but they have put the ‘L’ into luxury! You get the best of both worlds in this luxury boutique hotel – an authentic taste of Belize in the green surrounds of the jungle AND the advantage of every luxury to make your stay delightful. So, if you want a vacation that is both unique and intimate, this is for you.

With room rates beginning at USD 285.

luxury hotel in Belize

Ka’ana Boutique Resort, San Ignacio, Cayo

3. Matachica Beach Resort, Ambergris Caye, San Pedro

A stay at Matachica has a lot of authentic Belize to offer in terms of its surroundings and activities. This beach resort is 5 miles north of the village of San Pedro. You will find yourself dazzled by white sand, blue waters and 26 exotic casitas to choose from. Elegant and modern, yet traditional in its appeal, your comfort is paramount at this resort. An in house spa to make you feel your best, water taxi rides to San Pedro if you feel the need to hit the town and then there are a variety of water activities for that sense of adventure.

Room rates begin at USD 225

Boutique hotel in belize

Matachica Beach Resort, Ambergris Caye, San Pedro


4. Blancaneaux Lodge, Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, Cayo

Overlooking the Privassion Creek, nestled in the Mayan mountains, the Blancaneaux Lodge was once the private vacation getaway for Francis Ford Coppola. And then he turned it into a luxury resort hotel! A stay here is an unforgettable experience. Villas that are practically on tree tops, Gourmet food and Coppola’s trademark choice in wines. Oh, and produce fresh from their organic garden makes sure you are served the freshest food! 

For an unforgettable stay, room rates begin at USD 279.

Small boutique hotel in Belize

Blancaneaux Lodge, Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, Cayo


5. Turtle Inn, Placencia Village

You will find this luxurious, stunningly beautiful resort near the Creole fishing village of Placencia, sitting pretty on a 26 mile peninsula. You get a spectacular view of the ocean from the Balinese style villas that blend perfectly into the environment. Think sitting barefoot on the beach, toes caressed by soft sand, feasting on freshly grilled fish. I can’t think of a more appealing image for a vacation. The personalized attention from the hotel staff makes you feel more at home than you do at home!

Tempting? Room rates begin at USD 319

Luxury hotel in Belize

Turtle Inn, Placencia Village


6. Gaia River Lodge, San Ignacio, Cayo

You can’t beat this jungle lodge for location. It sits beside the river and overlooks the spectacular Five Sisters Waterfalls, taking full advantage of the natural landscape. You can call it the perfect hideaway.  The lodge has 15 cozy cabanas where you are lulled to sleep by the sound of the water and you wake up to the trill of exotic birds. Friendly, attentive staff make your stay perfect and organize excursions efficiently.

Room rates start at USD 165

Gaia River Lodge, San Ignacio, Cayo


7. Belize Boutique Resort & Spa, Maskall, Belize

Sometimes you gotta walk on the wild side. And, this is just the place to do it! Not your regular run of the mill sort of place. The resort is in the thick of the jungle, quite off the beaten path and caters to a discriminating few. 18 delightfully designed rooms, each with a refreshing view of the garden. Exotic decor and vivid colors make the resort earthy and unique. Their impeccable service and excellent food makes sure your stay is all you expect it to be. The massage and mud treatment in the spa has got to be experienced!

Room rates begin at USD 200

Maruba Resort Jungle Spa, Maskell, Belize


8. Belcampo Belize, Laughing Falcon Reserve, Punta Gorda

Belcampo is a 12,000 acre nature reserve, and set right in the thick of it all is the Belcampo  Belize. A jungle lodge where you stay in beautifully appointed suites, each with bathrooms to die for. A place where you can take a canoe ride down the Rio Grande to acquaint yourself with your surroundings. A place of old world refinement with every modern comfort. Nature keeps you company with the calls of toucans and the chatter of monkeys.

Room rates here are from USD 380

Boutique hotel in Belize

Belcampo Belize, Laughing Falcon Reserve, Punta Gorda


9. Xanadu Island Resort, San Pedro

Xanadu, as defined by the dictionary, is an idyllic place, a place of beauty and tranquility, as is this eco-friendly luxury boutique resort. Xanadu is a mile south of San Pedro. A bike or cart ride away from the town, yet secluded enough to offer you tranquility. This beach property is beautifully landscaped. Choose among 20 suites to wake up to a garden or beach view. 

Room rates for a garden view suite begin at USD 180

Xanadu Island Resort

Xanadu Island Resort, San Pedro


10. Chabil Mar, Placencia Village

This exclusive boutique resort is less than a mile from the delightful little fishing village of Placencia. Chabil Mar has 20 artfully appointed villas, access to 400 meters of beautiful beach and outstanding concierge service. It is no wonder that for eight consecutive years it has been awarded the best Belize luxury boutique hotel. Order a la carte and have your meal served anywhere on the hotel property. How cool is that?

Your stay here begins at USD 275


Chabil Mar, Placencia Village



I’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve visited any of these superb hotels. And if you’d like to recommend any hotels I missed, go for it!


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  1. Andrea says:

    LOVE every single place on this list ! Well done team ‘here and there without a care’!!! xx

    • Hi Andrea,

      It makes me so glad that you read my round up and gladder to hear from you. Yes, Belize has some beautiful and unique properties, which makes it so difficult to decide on where to stay.

      I’d recommend flipping a coin! Ha ha

      Unless you have plenty of time to spend there…then you could stay in all of them!

  2. Jessica says:

    We have family in Belize so we are there quite often. We have stayed at Chabil Mar in Placentia and it is amazing! The customer service there is out of this world and you feel like royalty from the first moment on the property!

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