10 Fabulous Luxury Experiences in New York City

New York City – the most famous, the most photographed and the busiest city in the world. It is a city that is larger than life. It has been the iconic gateway to millions of immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries making the city a melting pot of cultures with over 800 languages spoken in the city. New York City consists of five boroughs – the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. The city is home to the United Nations HQ, the New York Stock Exchange and Times Square; the brightly illuminated Broadway Theatre District, the bridges, parks and skyscrapers. So, yes, there is a LOT to take in on a visit to this city that never sleeps.

Here are 10 luxurious ways to experience this stimulating city.

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New York City skyline

Stylish stay at The Sherry-Netherland Hotel

The Sherry-Netherland Hotel is one of the iconic hotels overlooking Central Park, conveniently placed within reach of the offerings of 5th Avenue and across from the park if you fancy a morning run. An extraordinary Gothic minaret stands atop the hotel adding a touch of drama to and distinguishes it from the Manhattan skyline. Enjoy the European style service in this elegantly classic hotel that has been in service since 1927. A beautiful fresco, inspired by Raphael’s frescoes at the Vatican Palance, designed by the artist Joseph Aruta, adorns the ceiling of the lobby and is absolutely stunning in its intricacy. Every room in the hotel is spacious and styled with individuality. A stay at the Sherry is a privilege par excellence!

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The Sherry Netherland – an iconic New York City luxury boutique hotel

Hover by Helicopter

Spread your wings over this mammoth city and get a bird’s eye view of all the famous landmarks. The luxury of a helicopter ride takes you away from the jostling crowds and gives you a spectacular view of the city by day or night. Choose from 12 to 30 minute rides. It promises to be an exhilerating experience to see the famous Manhattan skyline from a completely different perspective, getting a view of the Statue of Liberty from the air with the sea below you. With a very informed pilot who brings the city alive for you through his commentary and the efficient functioning of the helicopter tour operators, this is by far the best way to see New York City. You can get more information about the helicopter tours at HeliNy

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Photo provided by HeliNY

Smooth sailing around the skyline

New York City has one of the largest natural harbors in the world. It is but natural to opt for a luxury cruise and take advantage of the smooth waters to take you around the city. Get aboard a boat, a schooner or a yacht, sip on a drink and prepare to be wowed by the sheer magnificence of sailing up close to the Brooklyn Bridge as you glide around Manhattan Island. Take the evening cruise to see New York light up as the sun sets behind the famous Statue of Liberty. Or take the day cruise to admire the architecture of all the famous structures in lower Manhattan and the East River. You can choose to do your sightseeing from the luxury of a climate controlled inner deck or out in the open deck, caressed by soft breezes off the water. There are various cruise options, do visit Manhattan by Sail to find season availability and to opt for one that suits you best.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty sunset sail

A dinner to remember

Take in the night lights of New York City over gourmet food and jazz from a glass domed luxury vessel. The Bateaux New York takes you gliding over the waters around the city on a three-hour trip, treating you to breathtaking views of all the iconic landmarks of New York City while you sip on a glass of wine. This cruise comes highly recommended and promises to be an unforgettable one. Every seat on this luxury vessel gives you an unobstructed view. Dress up to the nines and sit yourself down to some fine entertainment from some of the finest jazz musicians and be prepared for a night of refinement and romance. A hardwood floor and a superb sound system are an open invitation for the most reluctant of dancers. Two outdoor viewing decks tempt you to step outside. A three-hour dinner cruise with spectacular views of Ellis Island, Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge among others casts a spell you don’t want to miss out on.

bateaux newyork.jpg

Bateaux New York dinner cruise

Culture extravaganza at the Metropolitan Opera

The Metropolitan Opera House is part of the Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts and is located in Lincoln Square. Originally opened in 1966 to stage operas, there have been several non-operatic shows too that were staged there since. This mammoth theatre seats 3800 in the audience and it sets the stage for the best voices in the world. The Met boasts one of the finest orchestras and the most creative and talented performers from around the world. A night at the opera is not just a must, but promises to be an absolute treat. All operas are translated on little screens on seat backs, to enhance your enjoyment. If you need to get a bite, there’s the Grand Tier that is open pre-curtain and during the intermission, all artistic elegance and gourmet cuisine. You will need to make a reservation, of course.

New York City Luxury Experience

Photo Courtesy of Marty Sohl

Broadway – On with the show!

A visit or two, or three to Broadway has got to be on the cards when on a trip to New York City. Broadway is the zenith of the theatre industry and some of the longest running musicals in the world have been staged here. The best place to catch a musical? It is undoubtedly the Majestic Theatre, which is one of the largest in Broadway and seats 1607 in the audience. There is always something for everyone that’s showing on Broadway, and they are all listed on www.broadway.com


Shopping – As good as it gets!

A little retail therapy goes a long way, and an exclusive one makes it worth the while. Shopping is delightful for some, an obsession with others and a necessity for the down to earth. But shopping in New York City has got to be a delightful obsession. Of course, one needs to know where to begin, never mind when to end!

Styleroom, is owned by Karen Parker O’Brien. She organizes customized, guided tours for shopping. Now this is an exclusive, private, VIP shopping tour where you get to see designers’ new collections and buy the choicest of picks at special discounts. Karen has been into professional fashion for 20 years and has access to the crème de la crème of boutiques. She personally accompanies you on each tour and will help you choose the most flattering styles. This surely has to be an irresistible offer!

new york luxury experience.jpg

Karen Parker, owner of Styleroom

Nightlife – Go ahead, spoil yourself!

We all love a little pampering now and then, no, let me correct that, we NEED a little pampering!

Take Me Out is an exceptional tour that makes you see New York City in a unique way. How does a three-hour limo ride with on board bartenders serving you the finest drinks, taking you to exclusive nightspots grab you? Talk about luxury! The concept of Take Me Out came into being in 2012 when Ori Mor saw the need for such a tour. It is luxury all the way, no waiting in queues, no waiting for drinks. From the moment you are picked up in your limo you have your own VIP tour. Once you are greeted by the driver of your limo and the tour guide, it is a night out on the town, hitting the exclusive and secret nightspots of New York City. This is a one of a kind luxury experience and it would be a crime to miss out on it.

new york luxury experience .jpg

Photo provided by Take Me Out

A drink in your hand and your head in the clouds

This makes for a heady experience, having a drink in the highest rooftop bar in New York City. Bar 54 is an indoor, outdoor bar high up on the Hyatt Times Square, in the prime location of Times Square of course. Treat yourself to an evening at No. 54 for an unparalleled view of every recognizable landmark in New York City. The décor is all warm wood and glass on the inside with very cozy seating and illuminated, mirror polished ceiling panels. Fireplaces in the outside seating area add delicious warmth to the ambiance. Sip on a cocktail crafted by reknowned mixologist Julie Reiner while you watch the city light up as the sun dips into the Hudson. A luxurious head in the clouds experience is just the ticket to make you feel on top of the world!

new york luxury experience.jpg

Bar 54 – New York City’s highest rooftop bar

Fine Dining – Dine with the finest wine

You will find fine dining at its finest at Daniel, an elegant, exclusive restaurant in Manhattan’s Upper East Side that serves you delectable French cuisine. Daniel has an enviable two star rating from Michelin and a Relais & Chateaux member’s award. The food is inspired by the seasons and the wines are superlative. Sit down to a 3 or 6 course meal in the uber elegant Bellecour Room, or chill out at the casual elegant Bar & Lounge. The cocktails are influenced by the seasons too. The Bar décor a mixture of neoclassical and contemporary, while the Lounge is all rich dark brown upholstery and mahogany, creating a warm, intimate ambiance. Dine a la carte or drop in for a late night dessert. This is definitely a luxury experience for the discerning.


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