The Underwater Museum Cancun – A Museum Like No Other

As I was planning my trip to Mexico, I looked up some of the things to do in Cancun. There is really a lot to do here. But what REALLY stood out for me was the Underwater Museum Cancun. I searched for all the information I could about this wonderful artificial reef created out of hundreds of sculptures. That became the focus on my trip! I simply HAD to dive into the MUSA, Cancun – Museo Subaquatico de Arte.

This spectacular museum came into being in quite an extraordinary way. It was conceptualized in 2008 with the intention of creating an artificial reef in the Caribbean to protect endangered marine life. This unusual idea was born out of the coming together of three men from three varied backgrounds – The director of the National Park, the President of the Cancun Nautical Association and British underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. The result is MUSA Cancun!

The Underwater Sculptures 

The MUSA has two galleries – The Manchones and the Punta Nizuc. Our tour with Aquaworld took us to see the  Manchones exhibition. This was a 35 minute dive and gave me just enough time to immerse myself in this stunning underwater art… And this is what I saw:

Underwater museum cancun.jpg

This little structure is part of a series called ‘Urban Reef’. A house for fish, designed to shelter them from predators. What a cool idea!

Underwater Museum Cancun.jpg

I loved this little sculpture, it reminded me of a picture frame. It looked so unsual, placed in the middle of nowhere on the vast ocean bed.

Things to do in Cancun

And here – ‘The Silent Evolution’. A stupendous sight. Clusters of human figures sculpted out of PH neutral marine concrete, standing in groups. Eerily beautiful, an absolutely interesting experience!

Musa Underwater Museum

A closer look at The Silent Evolution. A representation of how human beings and the environment are dependent on each other.


The inspiration for these sculptures are the local people. You might be interested to know that all the sculptures will eventually be covered with coral, as the clay made in sculpting conducive to coral life.

MUSA Cancun.jpg

The Anthropocene – a Volkswagen Beetle for crustaceans! This life sized car replica is intricately designed to allow lobsters and other crustaceans to take refuge and breed in a safe space.

MUSA Cancun

This series is called ‘The Bankers’. I’ll leave you to figure that one out!

Alas, time to go back up where I belong… those 35 minutes just flew by. An extra tank would have done nicely. But, yes, MUSA, I will be back!

As we exit the watery gates of the underwater museum, the Aquaworld crew awaits..and we’re back (reluctantly) in the real world.


Would I recommend a dive at the Underwater Museum Cancun?

Absolutely! If marine life, eco-conservation and art are your thing, this is unmissable. Do not expect to see a lot of fish though, especially if you’re an avid diver. However, I promise that it is a thrilling experience.

You have probably gathered by now that this project was created to save and preserve marine life. Joining this tour is not just an appreciation of art, but an appreciation of a huge attempt to preserve the environment. This is a trip like no other, an experience you won’t get anywhere else in the world. What I have covered here is just one of the two galleries in the Underwater Museum.

If you’re interested in the Cancun underwater museum tours, check out Aquaworld’s official website for more details.

Disclaimer: We received complimentary tickets from Aquaworld to be part of this tour. However my recommendation has not been influenced in anyway by the company. 
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