Luxury on Soliman Bay, Tulum – My Review of Jashita Hotel

In my search for a unique hotel in Tulum, Jashita jumped out at me for it’s superb location, and for being the only hotel located on the beautiful Soliman Bay. That was enough to make me want to stay there! On learning more about their beginnings I had nothing but respect for the owners. Jashita was originally their home, but they turned it into a place where people could relax and just calm their minds….

 The private beach all to my self. - Jashita, Tulum.

The private beach all to my self.

A little history about Jashita Hotel

30 years ago, long before Jashita Hotel came into being, it was the home of an Italian father and son duo – Enrico and Tommasso. Enrico settled in the quiet Soliman Bay when there was only jungle all around and certainly no power or water. Jashita Hotel came into being a couple of decades later, offering luxurious amenities that were unheard of at the time of its inception. Today it is one of the best luxury resorts and remains the only Soliman Bay hotel in Tulum.

Over the past four years of its existence, guests at Jashita Hotel has been captivated by the wonderful combination of this uniquely lovely hotel and its enchanting location on Soliman Bay.

Jashita Hotel

We wanted to show you our ocean view suite in one single shot… We apologize for not showing the bottle of wine and chocolates we were offered as a welcome. We were so excited to be there that we ate and drank what we were supposed to photograph… Oops!

The highlights

There are a lot of things that caught my attention on arriving at Jashita Hotel. The first among them was Brenda’s hospitality. She is the Assistant General Manager, warm and genuine, and she leads a team who are just as warm and friendly. I was delightfully surprised at how we were treated and how special we were made to feel. Not that people in other parts of the Riviera Maya were not friendly, but at Jashita hotel there was that extra something that just added to it!

The decor – I love the fusion of Asian, Mexican and Indian influences that come together perfectly to create a zen atmosphere around the hotel. An ambiance so unusual in a Tulum Hotel. This is certainly  perfect getaway to calm your mind, far away from the din and the clutter of a big city.

Jashita Hotel

Tea time – offered every afternoon at 4:30 p.m.

Water sports gear is provided at no additional cost – Not many hotels offer this kind of service, unless you’re in an all inclusive resort. This certainly makes it a hip hotel in my book, as far as Tulum beach hotels go!

Jashita Hotel Soliman Bay Tulum

Here’s Jonah trying to decide what to do… Kayaking or Snorkeling? At the end, we took the Kayaks, tied them up to a buoy and then went snorkeling…. Decisions we have to make in life 🙂

The Spa –  Wow, I can’t think of a better place to get pampered! For me, getting a massage with a view of the ocean was the best experience I’d ever had – till I got one here. I can tell you that getting one with the panoramic view of the jungle around me was mind-blowing! Marisol and Teresa were very considerate throughout the treatment, making sure we were comfortable and at ease. After the massage we were served a fruit platter and a green detox drink to round off that wonderful feeling of well-being. A luxury that has to be experienced!

I hate to disappoint you, but the girl on the picture is not me lol. I thought of getting a pic of me with this view, but then again I think I’m a better photographer’s assistant than a model. So, we appreciate that Abbie and Marisol kindly let us take a few pictures of them with the view.

Live Music – This was probably one of the best moments we had at Jashita. Camilo and Bodgan are a very talented duo who perform at the hotel every Friday. Here is a video Jonah recorded of this guitar and violin duo entertaining us over dinner.

Live music at Jashita Hotel, Tulum

Around Soliman Bay

Tulum town can be reached by car in about 20 minutes.

Tours and activities can be planned at the hotel lobby, however, we decided to take it easy and plan our own. We took kayaks and snorkeled practically in front of the hotel! That’s how accessible the reef is.  The marine life is colorfully lovely. We’d tie our kayak to a buoy and go snorkeling for hours. Yes hours! The reef here is pretty long and houses a vast variety of fish. Oh, and we didn’t have to pay a penny to enjoy it! This was by far our most enjoyable stay in a Tulum Hotel.

Soliman Bay

Snorkeling around Soliman Bay doesn’t require you to take a private tour if you’re around the bay. Just make sure you have plenty of time. The reef here is pretty long and you can easily spend hours watching fish in their own environment.


Would I recommend Jashita Hotel?

I certainly would! The service at Jashita Hotel is super. I would like to emphasize that the pictures do not do justice to how beautiful the hotel is, you have got to be here to know what I mean!  The hotel is child friendly, and although I didn’t really see any, I think they spent a lot of time outdoors, enjoying activities that kept them busy and happy.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to commune with nature and feel rejuvenated, this has got to be that place – Jashita Hotel on Soliman Bay.


I would like to say, though, just to give you a heads up, you will need a car if you want to get around. I recommend that you rent one, or the staff at Jashita will help organize a taxi whenever needed. However, if your plan is to just disconnect and chill, you don’t need one!

Hotel Information

Name: Jashita Tulum


Rates begin at : USD 180

We were invited to stay a few nights at Jashita Hotel, my impressions are in no way influenced by that. You can rest assured that I write about what I can recommend.

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