Gone fishing in Belize – A great way to experience the Caribbean Sea!

I have been on several memorable tours, but the Cook Your Catch tour out of Hopkins, Belize was so unique that it goes to the top of my ‘favorite tours’ list! What added to it was the unexpected drama as we set out. All that was missing was the movie camera and suspenseful music!

Fishing in Belize

This was our departure station for the fishing trip.

The boat ride  And a bit of drama!

Here’s how it all began. After a night of stormy weather, we woke up at 5.30 to see the sunrise. Hmmm….still a bit cloudy and windy. At 8 am, fingers crossed, the weather seemed somewhat better and the tour hadn’t been cancelled. Yay, we’re going fishing!

But hang on….a few minutes into the boat ride, clouds began to gather, winds began to blow and it started to rain. We were heading into a storm! Boy, was mother nature pissed that day! The boat was steady, thankfully, but we deeply regretted not choosing to wear life jackets.

And then…..just as suddenly as the storm came upon us, it cleared. It was almost like mother nature decided to reward us for our patience. The sky turned blue, the sun shone and all was well with the world! Unbelievable!

Fishing in BelizeCast, catch….throw back! ha ha

The captain and his son helped us with our fishing gear, and we threw our lines into the sea. What an exciting feeling –  blue skies above, turquoise sea below, birds flying up ahead, a beautiful day. An incomparable Caribbean experience. And, oh, I caught my first fish! I’m hooked. This could be my new hobby!

Fishing in Belize

I tried photographing birds while fishing. Needless to say, the fishing suffered. I caught one fish…yes, that’s all!

Fishing in Belize

Jonah’s catch was so small that the captain asked him to throw it back into the sea! Sigh….

Snorkeling my all time favorite sport

Fishing gear put away, we headed to the reef for some snorkeling. Now this is something I love! We got in some super snorkeling time, then reluctantly dragged ourselves back to the boat.

Snorkeling near Bread and butter Caye

I know I saw an interesting looking fish… I went in search of him. See him in the next pic

Fishing in Belize

Here’s the fish! I had never seen one like this before and unfortunately don’t know what these fish are called. If you do happen to know, please tell me!


Bread and Butter Caye – Small, but perfect!

With no idea what to expect, except the anticipation of a fresh cooked fish lunch on the island, we sailed on. And then I saw the little island! I can’t explain what hit me, I felt an instant connection with that little piece of land, it was like falling in love…

Bread and Butter Caye - Hopkins, Belize

And here is my first view of this delightful island that stole my heart. I know for sure that I WILL be back here..

This little island belongs to an expat who came to Belize from the USA. He lives here with a helper, so it’s basically a two person island. A place where all that matters is the sun, the sand and the sea air!  As I stepped out of the boat, it felt surreal..almost like I was in a dream. I wanted to stay here! While the food was being prepared, I went off to speak to Mr. Miller, the owner of Bread and Butter Caye.

He had bought this seven years ago when it was all mangroves, brought in sand from other parts and built a few cabanas. There are just two bedrooms to rent here, nothing fancy, but basic with hot water, a flat screen TV and a decent bed. No, he does not have a website, but I did get his email address: duanemiller65@yahoo.com and phone number: 501- 666 – 4040. So, if anyone wants to get away from everything, just give him a shout.

Lunching on grilled fish

All that fishing and snorkeling really gave us enormous appetites and we were looking forward to the promised grilled fish for lunch! But oops….we’d only caught one fish and ended up having to share what was caught by everyone else, with not much to go around. Thankfully there were some delicious sides served with the tasty fish, so that helped!

Fishing in Belize

I’m glad that the other couple that joined the tour were terrific fishermen… We probably wouldn’t have had this meal if it wasn’t for them.

It was now time to go….and I didn’t really want to. I made arrangements with Mr. Miller for us to stay at Bread and Butter Caye after we checked out of the resort. But, that plan didn’t materialize as Mr. Miller got ill and couldn’t come and get us. I know I have to come back here and visit…

Fishing in Belize

The sea was calm and lovely on our way back. None of the drama that we set out with. Thank goodness!


Would I recommend this tour?

Oh boy! After experiencing the drama that accompanied us as we started out, all I can do now is laugh about it. Oh yes, I certainly will take this tour again..and again. What I’d do differently is wear a life jacket, of course.  And yes, I definitely recommend it!

If I have got you curious enough, you can book this tour with the resort we stayed at.

Company Information

Name: Hopkins Bay Resort

Website: www.hopkinsbaybelize.com

Tour rates: USD 140/person

Disclaimer: I was invited to join this tour by Hopkins Bay Resort. This photo essay is a tribute to them (they had no clue I would be writing about my experience!).

I’m hoping that you will write back and share similar experiences with me. I’d love to know!

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