Diving in Cozumel – Another Dream Come True

Our 3 month adventure in the Riviera Maya was sadly coming to an end. There was no way we could leave without scuba diving in Cozumel, one of the top diving destinations in the world! This being our last week, we kept the best for the last. I know, you’re probably wondering why wait so long to go scuba diving in Cozumel! The answer is simple – with hundreds of activities and daily tours in this part of Mexico, it can be pretty overwhelming. We wanted to pack in as much as we could in these three months – and I assure you we did pack in some great activities! As it turned out, this was the best of them…

Scuba diving in Cozumel

This is Colombia Deep – our first Cozumel diving site. Stunning! Dang, I look like a professional diver in this picture! I’m pretty impressed with myself. Ha ha. Well, if you saw some other shots of me diving, you’ll understand 🙂

After having dived in Cozumel I could absolutely see why this is one of the top diving spots in the world. Beginning with the warm clear water and great visibility, Cozumel diving conditions are ideal if you like to find yourself in the midst of an abundance of exotic marine life, stunning reef walls and coral formations. But hey, let me not get carried away with verbal descriptions, these pictures that Jonah took, capture our dive more eloquently than I ever can.

cozumel reef

This is what makes it worth it when you opt for a Cozumel diving package – the colors, the delightful marine life and the distinctive underwater terrain.

queen angel fish at Cozumel

What can I say about this fishy dude – a queen angel… I’d love to meet his stylist!

spotted moray eel at Cozumel

A stone sculpture at a Cozumel dive shop? Nope! A spotted moray eel obligingly posing for the camera.

diving in Cozumel

Alison saw something she wanted us to check out…and wow, we did! You’ll get to see it in the next pic….

cozumel diving

And here it is – a nurse shark! Phew! Thank goodness it wasn’t a horror flick sort of encounter. I think I may be ready for a bigger shark now!

cozumel diving

We spotted this little fella lurking at the bottom of a cave. I’d never seen this sort of eel before.

Scuba diving in Cozumel

And here I am again…this time trying not to touch the reef wall! What a super experience it is scuba diving in Cozumel..

Scuba with Alison - whitespotted filefish

What a sexy looking fish – a whitespotted filefish – all pouty, ready for a kiss. Unfortunately I wasn’t close enough to oblige! And that hair style – wow!

scuba diving cozumel - coral at Cozumel reef

Cozumel diving - scrawled filefish

Here’s a beautiful scrawled filefish. He certainly seemed to be in a hurry!

scuba diving in cozumel

Loved this turtle’s eyes – so pretty and soulful. I wish mine were like his…

scuba diving cozumel - sea turtle

‘I believe I can fly….’ ha ha. On his way up to the surface to get a breath of air.

scuba with alison

What a wonderful experience it was scuba diving with Alison! Alison and Carlos are fantastic at what they do and take diving to a whole new level.


The CompanyScuba with Alison

I’m extremely picky when it comes to choosing a company to take a tour with. If there’s one thing I learnt in these 21 months of travel, it is to stick with small, private companies for the best experiences. Before I decided to contact Scuba with Alison, I read a lot of reviews on TripAdvisor, and this one just stood out by miles. So I got in touch with Allison, and her response made me feel really comfortable. She really knows how to put you at ease, follows the highest safety standards and gives you the best dive you’ve ever had.  Along with Carlos, the boat’s Captain, they are a great team, getting you ready, checking your gear before you jump into the water, and all this with a wonderful sense of humor. It is no wonder that people return year after year to dive with Allison.

Would I recommend diving in Cozumel? 

This is a no brainer! I would absolutely recommend diving in Cozumel – novice or advanced divers. If you’ve done your research, you probably are aware that Cozumel has the second largest barrier reef system in the world. We did a 2 tank dive in two different spots, yet we feel it wasn’t nearly enough to see the large variety of marine life. We’ve decided that the next time round we will plan on spending more time in Cozumel!

Company Information

Name: Scuba with Alison
Website: www.scubawithalison.com
Email: alison@scubawithalison.com

Disclaimer: We took this dive tour on Allison’s invitation. However, I would like to state that my recommendations come from being a very satisfied diver.

If you’re planning to go scuba diving in Cozumel, you won’t want to miss the Underwater Museum Cancun (MUSA).

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